New Player in Philippines Death Care Industry Opens in Cabuyao


A Singapore-owned company is opening a funeral home in Cabuyao City in Laguna, the first of its planned chain of death care businesses in the Philippines.

Unlike regular funeral homes in the country, the Nirvana Funeral Home gives its clients an opportunity to customize the ambiance of the wake, depending on how the family wants to remember or honor their departed loved ones.

The Nirvana Funeral Home works on the concept of bringing the comfort of home to its clients, the reason behind the idea of offering customization at the entire duration of the wake.

Under the customization offer, each family could prefer for instance to use as backdrop of the coffin the favorite place of its departed loved ones.

Clients can also avail of customized or personalized but affordable coffin that comes with the packages being offered by the Nirvana Funeral Homes.

“Home is where we find true happiness. Home is the place where we heal all the kinds of pain that we encounter in life. This is the reason why we want to bring the comfort of home to our clients for their death care needs,” said Ng Wei Yuan, Executive Director.

This is the reason, according to Ng, why the lobby and other facilities of the Nirvana Funeral Homes were designed to meet the ‘staycation’ ambiance of the clients.

It may appear luxurious inside but Ng, said they made sure that the packages for wake are affordable even to the masa.

“We are offering a package for as low as P20,000. This is a proof that while we want to offer the best to our clients, we make sure that they could afford our packages,” said Ng.

“Losing a loved one is already painful. And we do not want to take advantage of it. The most that we could do as a way of sympathizing with our clients is to make sure that the financial aspect of losing their loved one is among the least of their worries,” he added.

The affordable package includes free wi-fi access and the popular e-burol wherein the wake could be seen by relatives of the departed abroad or even in then remote areas who could not make it to personally grieve with our clients.

Located in Barangay Mamatid in Cabuyao City, the Nirvana Funeral Home has four chapels that can accommodate 30 to 50 guests.

The Nirvana Funeral Home offers a family room with television set, refrigerator, microwave oven. The family room has also a separate bedroom, free wi-fi, bedroom and a bathroom.

“The name of our business, Nirvana, is a manifestation on how we intend to render service to our clients.

Nirvana is a Buddhist word which practically means a state where there
is no suffering or worries. It is a word that means a perfect place to stay.

The Nirvana Funeral Home is under the management of the Nirvana Funeral Services Corporation, a new player in the death care industry in the Philippines.

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