About Us

The Nirvana Funeral Homes is a new player in the Death Care Industry in the Philippines. While it is funded by Singaporean investors, the Filipino touch in honoring the departed loved ones has been kept intact as a way of recognizing and giving importance on local culture and tradition in paying the last respects for the dead. This includes putting a premium on the Filipino concept of family as central force that binds, that keeps every family members strong amidst the painful challenge of losing someone. 

At Nirvana, our clients are assured of service satisfaction marked with personal and compassionate care for a memorable memorial service experience worth remembering.

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The Nirvana Funeral Homes is inspired, and operates under the deep meaning of home, or tahanan, among the Filipino clients. Home is a place for love, and ideal place for healing. At the Nirvana Funeral Homes, we aim to give the best comfort that a home could give to ease the burden of the grieving family while preserving the globally-recognized concept of Filipino hospitality to relatives and friends.


We, at the Nirvana Funeral Homes, aspire to make our presence felt in every town and city of the Philippines. We envision the Nirvana Funeral Homes as an ideal home-like place for staycation at a time when our clients need it the most. 


Nirvana Funeral Service Corporation (Nirvana) is a duly-organized corporation existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with SEC registration CS201952521 dated May 2019.

Strategically started location at the heart of Cabuyao in Laguna, with newly opened branch in Kawit Cavite, Nirvana invested heavily on traditional funeral services and crematory that serves as an alternative solution to the high cost of memorial plans.

Established in November 2019 with its founding investors and partners, Nirvana ensures that our high standard of vision to multiply more branches nationwide will cater the needs of every Filipino who lost their beloved. 

Corporate and Operating Officers

Kiam Hong Yap (Chairman of the Board)

Jennylyn Liwanag (President)

  Wei Yuan Ng (Board of Director)

Justin Joo Heng Chia (Board of Director)

Hwang Teck Cheng (Board of Director)

Lorelin Jontongco (Corporate Secretary/ Board of Director)

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